Windchest is an interactive architectural landscape comprised of art deco styled columns surrounded by actuator pads. The sculpture is reminiscent of a pipe organ and aims to combat cultural isolation through group curated play. Participants collaboratively activate Windchest by jumping on nearby LED-lit pads that compress like bellows which sends a signal to one column to produce sound and light.

Windchest fosters singular creativity through group action and expression, encouraging not only large scale participant play, but facilitating collaboration and interactivity among groups of strangers. From afar, Windchest is a series of softly lit monolithic columns rising and falling out of the desert, reminiscent of ancient architecture and evocative. Upon arrival, users enter an implied space, delineated by the pads strewn across the playa around the columns. Participants will feel tentative at first, reluctant to step on the pads, but after testing their surfaces, feeling the platforms sink under their weight, they are rewarded with the immediate response of light, fire and music from the columns. Bringing the sculpture to life encourages participants to experiment with the other pads and encourages others to join in. Participants weave in and out of the space between columns to immerse themselves in the music as others run from pad to pad to play the sculpture.

Windchest is being brought to the playa by a diverse group of fabricators, architects, engineers, and pyrotechnicians based out of Boston, MA. If you’d like to get involved we’d love to have you join our community!